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Independence Heights

44th: A Street on the Move

November 22, 2012 | By independenceheights

Residents of 44th street in the historic neighborhood of IndependenceHeights all have one concern on their minds: How to stop the flooding on their street.

For over sixty years residents in the neighborhood have dealt with the need of paved streets, street lights, and adequate drainage. Today, citizens banded together to have their voices heard about this situation and to show that they are true stakeholders in this community who want to see it flourish for future generations. Adrianna Clowe, civil engineer volunteering with Independence Heights Redevelopment Council, met with residents out in the street to witness the crux of the problem on 44th.

Not having proper drainage in place causing flooding in times of moderate to heavy rain is one of the many problems that plague the street. The residents also point out a sink hole over 2 feet deep and 1 foot wide in one neighbor’s yard and inform Adrianna that the street floods and residents are bound to their homes unable to leave due to the high-waters. Neighbors say they have contacted the city for help but none has been received. Some residents took matters into their own hands and installed their own make shift drainage in their yards, but it is only temporary solution to an overwhelming problem. The meeting ends on a high note. Adrianna offers possible solutions to the problem of inadequate drainage and encourages them to continue to be active in seeking assistance from the city and assures them that she will also be an advocate for the change they want and need.