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Near Northside GO Neighborhoods 2016 Quality of Life Agreement 2.0 Implementation Grants

March 10, 2016 | By Rob

Grant Application Deadline: April 18, 2016 9:00pm
Near Northside GO Neighborhoods
Quality of Life Agreement Project Grant Request
QLA 2.0 2016 Implementation

Download Here: QLA.2016 application

Great Opportunities (GO) Neighborhoods is a program of LISC Houston that supports comprehensive community development. For a detailed description go to www.go-neighborhoods.org. Avenue CDC is the Near Northside Convening Agency and serves as the fiscal agent f or the community.
GO Neighborhoods are eligible for grants to advance projects related to the Quality of Life Agreement developed in 2010 and the newly released QLA 2.0. The goals of QLA project funding are:

  • To advance and implement the strategies outlined in the Quality of Life Agreement, 2010 or 2015.
  • To leverage public and private investments into the neighborhood by offering seed grant funds to start new programs, projects or initiatives related to the QLA.
  • To have immediate impact on the quality of life in the targeted area.
  • To involve a diverse representation of residents and stakeholders.
  • To build collaboration among organizations and businesses.
  • To impact the strategic “Priority Issues” identified for 2016 including:

1. Leadership Development Programs
2. Public Parks
3. Public Art
4. Adult education programming
5. Expansion/quality improvement of early childhood education programming
6. School Parent Leadership Development Programs
7. Commercial corridor improvements
8. Advocacy Training

Please download the QLA.2016 application for full details. If you have any questions, please contact Community Coordinator Rob Block at robb@avenuecdc.org or 713-864-8099 ext. 243.



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