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Scott Fisher: Reflecting on my year of Service

July 13, 2016 | By Rob

 My name is Scott Fisher; I am 25 years old from Houston, Texas. Like a lot of millennials my age I came to a crossroads in my life where I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I was stuck in a dead-end job, struggling with my spiritual life, and struggling in my personal life. I would come home from my 9 to 5 job in downtown Austin, TX every day and think to myself, “I know I am capable of more than this.”

Finally, one day I went to my dad and poured my heart out to him. I told him how I wasn’t happy, I told him about the call I felt like I was getting and he sympathized with me. He told me he would keep me in his prayers and that I should start looking for other jobs. I began searching job boards and leveraging resources in the Episcopal Church to find my next step, but nothing seemed to come…  Then, after weeks of prayer and searching, my prayers were finally answered. My dad sent me an email with information about the Texas Episcopal Service Corps and the title was “check this out”. I ended up accepting my offer into the Service Corps and began packing up my apartment in Austin to take on my new adventure.

When I got to the house in Houston the blessing from God started falling in line. All of my roommates were unique and brought something new to the table for me. One of the biggest blessings that came to me in my year of service was my host site, Avenue CDC. They gave me the freedom to use my professional skills and people skills to help the Near Northside community. The community that we live in and that I work in is very close to my heart because my family settled in this neighborhood when we migrated to the US from Germany. During my year at Avenue CDC I have been able to help rebuild dilapidated homes in the neighborhood, organize/ host community events, lead a youth group of high school students, and much more. Spiritually I have also grown tremendously throughout the year.

Through my host site Avenue CDC, I have made a lot of connections in the neighborhood and just accepted a job at Wesley Community Center as a Community Connections Coordinator. This position allows me to find unique ways to connect community members to programs and services that Wesley offers.

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